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Worldwide Abstract Art Competition




Art brushes and art materials supplies


I would like to thank all of the artists from around the world who created such amazing abstract artworks. It has been incredible to see the wide variety of artworks inspired by my Carnivale 
art lesson. Judging the artworks has been more difficult than we had anticipated.
We have received artworks that were based entirely on the Carnivale art lesson and we also
received a number of artworks, where artists have taken the basic techniques
and used their creativity to achieve wonderful artworks.  I would like to congratulate the
winners of this art competition and I would like all of the artists who entered this art
competition to get ready for our next art competition which we will announce soon.


Regards Glenn Farquhar

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1st Prize winner in international art competition  Learn to paint art lessons

Suma Dambal Georgia USA

Dear Glenn and Art Fusion team,

THANK YOU. This is so very much exiting !  wow , What an honor  !  
Thank you almighty. Feeling blessed.
This recognition means so much to me, especially coming from such an esteem group
of professionals. I am very humbled.  
Being an Indian, colors  have always been a passion of my life. Thanks for your vibrant
lessons and colors , there is so much out there to learn from them. Would like to sincerely
congratulate all my friends participating in Carnivale for all wonderful and inspirational submissions. Amazing Talent. Amazing Teacher. 
This one's for you mom and dad !  
Thanks to my husband, sisters, in-laws and everyone in the family for your continued support. 
Love you all.


International art competition 2nd place winner   Learn to paint abstract art lessons

Charmaine Haines Hills Florida USA

Dear Glenn,
Thank you so much! I  am so excited and honoured by coming 2nd in your
International Contest! Wow!
And thank you for your DVDS, I will treasure them!
You have just put a huge sparkle in my day🌟 and again, thank you so much!


Abstract art competion winner international division  Abstract Art Competition International Winner 

Wafa Abbas Texas USA
Good morning Mr. Farquhar, 
I am so thrilled and grateful for this great news!
Thank you so much for sending me this great prize of your DVDs. 

Again, it's been my pleasure to participate and an honor to have been selected as
3rd prize winner of the "Carnivale Competition"! 



1st prize winner australian art competition    1st prize art competition winner

Roger Hancock ACT Australia

Hi Glenn and the team.
Thank you so much for selecting my artwork as first prize from a very competitive field.
  I thoroughly enjoyed this technique, it is one of my favourites from your range.
Congratulations also to the other winners, some of the ways in which your methodology
was interpreted and applied is amazing and inspiring.
  Really looking forward to meeting you and your team in person.


 2nd prize art competition winner entry  2nd prize art competition winner  

Toni Hughes QLD Australia
Hi Glenn,  
What a pleasant surprise! 
I was thrilled that you and your team thought my entry in the
Carnivale Art Competition was worthy of 2nd prize. 
During the competition I checked to see what other artists had entered.
  They were all great pieces which, I am sure, made the judging tough on you and the team. 
Entering an art competition was never something that I thought I could do, let alone win a place. 
I describe myself as someone who likes to put paint onto a canvas.  What I think it will look
 like rarely happens!  That’s why I love your DVDs.  I can watch them, paint and if I lose my
way I can just watch more as the need arises.  Having them at my fingertips is like having
an art teacher in the room guiding me. 
You were right when you said on your DVD that people are drawn to the Carnivale artworks. 
A friend of mine has two of my Carnivales in her house and she says that everyone comments on them. 
I would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to all the other entrants
on their wonderful artworks. 
Thanks again.  Warm regards,Toni


3rd prize art competition winning art entry   3rd prize art competition winner  

Barb Wyatt Western Australia

Thank you all so much. I am so excited as I have never won anything.
With so many good entries it's a credit to yourself and how much you inspire us all. 
I love doing my painting with my friend Sally. We have such a lovely relaxing time together
with lots of  laughing and showing off all our work to our family and friends. 
Thank you all once again . 
Regards Barb Wyatt


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