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Abstract Art Competition Entries





Artworks Entries

geometric art tape method art lesson                    how to paint geometric artworks
150cm x 100cm                                               80cm x 60cm
Janet Bray (Manchesster UK)

creating geometric art competition              learn geometric abstract art
Jose Gonzalez 22" x 33"                                 Frank Mezzanotte 38" x 60"    
 (New Mexico USA)
                                  (Ontario Canada)

how to geometric art lessons                 step by step geometric art lessons
   20" x 24"                                                    24" x 36"
Nigel Hoare (New South Wales Australia)

abstract art competition winner             abstract art competition runner up
Nicola Morris 40cm x 40cm                     Petra Aylesworth 24" x 36"
(NSW Australia)                                     (Alberta Canada)

learn abstract art    how to paint abstract art classes   creating abstract art lessons
20" Round                                             40" x 40"                                             20" x 40"
Snehal Patel  (Wellington New Zealand)  

learn abstract art techniques video tutorials        what to paint abstract art ideas
          James Gorvett 50cm x 60cm                  Mario Hernandez 30in x 40in 
(Manchester UK)                                           (Hawaii)

abstract art painting ideas and examples               interior design art ideas
Petra Aylesworth 16in x 20in
(Alberta Canada)

what to paint abstract art ideas            how to paint abstract art ideas
100cm x 75cm                                  100cm x 75cm

creating abstract art lessons
Roger Hancock 74cm x 36cm
(Canberra Australia)


learn how to paint for beginners
60" x 30"
Greg Ramey (USA)

geometric abstract art ideas             learn how to paint ideas
16" x 20"                                                  3 x 8" x 10"
Suma Dambal (Seattle USA)

creating large abstract art ideas and art techniques              what to paint abstract art examples and ideas
102cm x 76cm                                           91cm x 61cm
Pat Valmadre (WA Australia)                    Karen Irwin (New Zealand)

amazing abstract art ideas              what to paint art lessons and art techniques 
89cm x 60cm                                            60cm x 29cm
Glen Tornkvist (Sweden)                      Tracey Rowe (QLD Australia)

   learn to paint art lessons   creating small geaometric art   small geometric art ideas
3 - 3" x 7"                              34 cm x 24cm                              A4 Board                                34cm x 24cm
Rachel Ford (New South Wales Australia)

Geometric tape method art lessons             what to paint abstract art idea and examples
16" x 24"                                                    36" x 48"
Verda Ditty (Indiana USA)                  Rose Arella Back (Arkansas USA)

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