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I  hope the behind the scenes tour helps people to understand that you don't need a large space to
create high quality abstract art. From this art studio I created custom made abstract artworks to suit 
my clients home decorating art ideas. My art studio isn't neccessarily set up as a retail art galleryor 
showroom to sell home decorating art, it's more of a multi- purpose space where I let loose in
creative frenzy, teach art lessons to like minded students and brain storm art ideas with my

interior designers. The fact that my art studio is on a busy street with a lot of
passing traffic 
allows people to find me easier.


Behind the scenes at the filming of my Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series. The concept for creating an instructional
abstract art dvd series first came to me years ago, when I was looking for different art ideas to help me in creating
abstract art. After viewing a number of instructional abstract art DVD's, I was amazed at how few of them were on the
market. The one thing that I noticed about most of the abstract art dvd's was the quality of the filming. My priority then 
became sourcing a production company who would collaborate and work with the same goals that I had set in my mind.
 I found that production company in Sydney, Onion Media. Together we worked to refine the content and the production
techniques needed to present a high quality abstract art lesson on DVD, which would be simple and easy to follow  for
everyone from beginners to experienced artists. As you will see in the images below, we filmed in the controlled space of
a film studio rather than in my smaller art studio. Filming the Abstract Art DVD series this way has certainly paid off, as
you can see on my 
feedback page where abstract artists from around the world have enjoyed the Abstract Art DVD's. 
You will also notice in the images, I painted my abstract artworks in this art studio using trestle tables and drop sheets,
this is all you need to create abstract artworks in your home. Creating abstract wall art should be fun and in this
Abstract Art DVD series I demostrate how rewarding creating your own home decorating art can be.

Filming of Step By Step Interior Design Art DVD    Filming of Step By Step Interior Design Art DVD    Interviewing of Glenn Farquhar Abstract Artist  

On Set Filming Interior Design Art DVD  On Set Filming Interior Design Art DVD  Learn to Paint Abstract Art Film Set  

Learn to Paint Abstract Art Film Set     How to Paint Abstract Art Film Set


Creating large abstract artworks like the NINE Logo and the GO! Logo takes a lot of time and
patience but it's a lot of fun and very rewarding when you have the finished artwork. You can see
in the images how I build up the logo with a texture medium. I make this texture medium myself .
You should build it up in layers to the depth that you need and leave it to dry completely before
starting to paint.  With the GO! artwork I painted the logo first, then I covered the logo with tape
and newspaper before I painted the background. The Nine logo I painted blue then I created
the free flowing background in the style I call Galaxy. I will teach people how to create this style
in my future Art DVD series

Creating Abstract Artwork for Channel 9    Creating Abstract Artwork for GO! TV channel    Creating Abstract Artwork of GO! Logo    Painting Abstract Artwork of GO! Logo  

Creating Abstract Artwork of NINE Logo    Creating Abstract Artworks Textured NINE Logo    Large Abstract Wall Artwork of NINE Logo    Finished Abstract Wall Artwork of NINE Logo


Below is a series of images that show the different stages I used to paint this Tiger. The first step
is to select the size canvas you wish to use, I like to apply a coat of white paint to help smooth
the surface of the canvas before I start. In image 1 you can see that I have penciled in the outline
of the tiger. I then start to fill in all of the black areas that define the tigers face. This black and
white tiger in it's basic form can be a very powerful impact artwork, and would suit many interior
designer's projects. I then start to apply the colour to the tiger. This process takes a lot more
patience, you will layer your paints as you go. When I colour the eyes, you can see the tiger 
come to life. This is just a snap shot of what I do behind the scenes and not an art lesson.
I hope that in future Art DVD series I will be able to show you how to create
some of my wildlife paintings.

How to Paint Abstract Artwork Tiger  How to Paint Abstract Artwork Tiger  Learn How to Paint Abstract Artwork Tiger  Learn How to Paint Abstract Artwork Tiger  Learn How to Paint Abstract Artwork Tiger



Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Seies 1.
Glenn takes you through the step by step process, where you will be able to create
your own artwork in any size or colour you like.

Learn to paint abstract artwork Blizzard          Learn to paint abstract artwork Blizzard         Learn to paint abstract artwork Blizzard

Creating Abstract Artwork Blizzard        Finishing Abstract Artwork Blizzard        Finished Abstract Wall Artwork Blizzard 


Large Abstract Wall Artwork Blizzard Sandstorm       Creating Abstract Artwork Blizzard Production Line 

This is an example of when a interior designer requires the same home decorating art, created in large numbers.
This order I created was for 20, two piece sets.  The name of the artwork that I am creating here is "Blizzard Sandstorm".
This art style you can learn to paint on my "Step by Step Interior Design Art
DVD Series 1. This clearly shows that once
you learn to paint the art technique, then creating abstract art in larger numbers become much easier. This is what my
instructional art DVD's are there to teach you, the art technique, and then it is up to you and your imagination. By using
this art technique and mxing it with some of your own art ideas, you will develope your own unique art style.

In our abstract art studio you will find a large range on abstract artworks to choose from to buy and hang on your wall at
home or you can also learn how to paint abstract artworks that are on show in our Sydney Art Studio. You can come to
our Sydney Art Studio and Glenn will take you on a tour and show you where he creates his abstract art and you will see
the types of artist materials that Glenn uses creating abstract art. Glenn can also show you the different art techniques and
art ideas that motivate him to paint. Learning how to paint abstract art can be fun when you are shown the correct art
techniques to create abstract art like Glenn's art. Glenn's abstract art lessons are always fun and he will make sure that
you get your hands dirty while you create your own amazing abstract artwork. What to paint can always be the hardest
part of painting abstract art, so Glenn will show you all of the art ideas that you need to
create your own amazing abstract artworks.

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