Learn how to paint Abstract Art Classes Sydney

Learn How to Paint Abstract Art Examples

Glenn's Latest Abstract Artworks

Extra-Large commissioned artwork
created for client 210cm x 170cm
Acrylic on canvas.

Coral Reef
Acrylic on canvas 200cm x 100cm

Extra - Large abstract artwork learn how to paint Large abstract artwork examples art ideas
 Making extra-large canvas
Carnivale extra-large 480cm x 190cm
commissioned by a new restaurant    
in center of Sydney finished with a 
Glass Coat Epoxy Resin.

Landscape Artwork
This large 180cm x 150cm landscape artwork was commissioned by my client to suit their home decor .

Large 120cm x 150cm canvas using palette knife, brushes and acrylic paints to create this abstract female face artwork
Learn to paint Abstract female faces palette knife art

Abstract woman's face palette knife abstract artworks Harlequin 2
Large 120cm x 150cm canvas using palette knife, brushes and acrylic paints to create this female face.

Extra-Large Galaxy Artwork

This 300cm x 180cm artwork was created for a client to suit their home decor. Check out this artwork installed in the home on my
Interior Design Ideas Page
fluid acrylic paint abstract art examples and lessons

Fluid paint acrylic abstract art technique art lesson Brown Galaxy
Large 200cm x 100cm canvas using acrylic fluit paint art technique to create a great Interior Design Artwork

Ferrari 458 Speciale Artwork Size 180cm x 90cm Acrylic on Canvas Ferrari 458 Speciale Abstract Stencil Artworks

Large Abstract female artwork portrait   Blue Lady Abstract Artwork 150cm x 100cm Acrylic Paints
Red Lady Abstract Artwork 150cm x 100cm Acrylic Paints

Large Red Lady Abstract Artwork 150cm x 110cmAcrylic Paints                                       Large Red Lady Abstract Artwork for Interior Design Art Installation Art For Sale

Geometric Shapes created using the
"Geometric & Galaxy" art lessons
Brown artwork 120cm x 90cm
Green artwork 150cm x100cm                         
How to create artwork using tape to make crisp clean lines  Geometric abstract artworks using tape to paint lines 

Learn to paint large abstract interior design artworks Large Carnivale Abstract Artwork 160cm x 160cm canvas great tones for
Interior Design home decor

Colour of Music Guitar 200cm x 100cm created using Texture medium and bold artist acrylic paints                                                                                colour guitar abstract artwork

Fluid abstract artworks for sale Sydney art classes Volcanic Galaxy 120cm x 90cm created using artist acrylic
paints and Glenn's Gaxaxy Art Lesson technique                                                                                                              

Galaxy Blue 200cm x 100cm created using artist acrylic paints and Glenn's GALAXY art lesson technique                                                                                     Fluid abstract acrylic paint artworks classes sydney

Large colour abstract artwork how to paint lessons classes COLOUR FACE This 200cmx 100cm artwork is created using texture medium and artist acrylic paints                                                                                

GALAXY ABSTRACT ARTWORK  This large artwork is 180cm x 90cm and created using Titanium White, Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Burnt
Umber & Crimson Red
Fluid acrylic abstract artworks
Fluid acrylic abstract art technique art lesson BLUE GALAXY Abstract Artwork 150cm x 120cm created using
Phalo Blue, Titanium White & Crimson Red
GALAXY This abstract artwork is 150cm x 120cm using a mixture of earthy brown, white & orange paints                                                        Beige abstract artwork art lessons
examples and art ideas of large abstract artworks CARNIVALE This extra large canvas abstract artwork commissioned by a client is  400cm x 140cm and create using artist acrylics                                                                              
CARNIVALE RED   180cm x 90cm canvas using all artist acrylic paint to create exciting abstract artwork   creating large flowing abstract art lessons and ideas
heavy textured abstract art ideas and art technique examples CARNIVALE 200cm x 100cm canvas using all artist acrylic paints help create this vibrant abstract artwork
EXTRA-LARGE Abstract artwork created for a client. This abstract artwork is 240cm x 120cm createed with a yellow base and a series or colours added to create a great interior design artwork. large abstract art ideas interior art examples
large fluid acrylic interior design abstract art ideas and examples GALAXY This extra large abstract artwork has been commissioned by my client. The larger these artworks are, the more impressive the artwork becomes. This artworks will be installed in a large stairwell and will make a major statement in their home. Size 200cm x 160cm.                
This installation I have use bold colours to bring these rooms to life. The use of colour also helps to bring the rooms together in a magical way.

interior design abstract art ideas and art examples
learn to paint fluid abstract artworks using acrylic artist paints GREEN GALAXY
This Green Galaxy artwork was created for my client who wanted an artwork that blended with the decor and at the same time gave a lift to the neutral colours of the room Size 160cm x 60cm                       
This large textured artwork was created to suit this family room. Bold in colour with loose but directional texture work  Size 200cm x 120cm                         
large textured interior design abstract art ideas
large abstract female face artwork by Glenn Farquhar                                                   

This artwork is 150cm x 150cm using tones of blue and white and a faint touch of yellow and red. I enjoyed experimenting with this abstract artwork using blending and meltdown methods. A lot of fun and something different 
This artwork is 180cm x 120cm I just felt like creating a large abstract artwork using a lot of colour and Billiard Balls are very colourful and this is the end result
large billiard balls interior design artwork for games room
learn to paint acrylic drip method artwork ideasfluid drip acrylic abstract art idea and examples                                  MELTDOWN ABSTRACT ARTWORK
Meltdown is a abstract artwork that I will be filming in a Step by Step Abstract Art Lesson. This art technique have been requested by many of my followers so it is about time I put it in a abstract art lesson. I hope you will enjoy the art lesson.
acrylic fluid abstract art technique ideas and examples GALAXY ABSTRACT ARTWORK This large abstract artwork is 200cm x 120cm and was created for a client to match the colours in their rug. To learn how to paint this art technique check out my Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series 3 or Galaxy download lesson.                      
                                                                                                                            GEO ABSTRACT ARTWORKS
This is a new art technique that I will be teaching in my next
Abstract Art DVD Series. These artworks have atextured 
background and then I have to tape the shapes and then paint
 over the tape. The hardest part of this abstract art technique
is being able to apply the paint without the paint bleeding 
under the tape and making a mess on the texturessurface,
instead of creating a crisp sharp line. I will be showing you
the secrets of how to paint this artworks in a professional

manner with no bleeding of paint.                                          
how to create a geometric abstract artwork learn to paint a geometric abstract afrtwork                            how to paint geometric abstract artworks art lesson
how to paint acrylic palette knife artworks PATCHWORK ABSTRACT ARTWORK This large abstract artwork is 150cm x 100cm This is a very heavily textured abstract artwork created using only 3 colours to great effect . This abstract art technique is very simple once you are shown the steps and materials needed to create abstract artworks like this amazing artwork. You can learn this art technique in my Step by Step Abstract Art DVd Series 9.                                         
                                                                          HIDDEN CITY ABSTRACT ARTWORK  This large abstract artwork is 200cm x 100cm the earthy tone art great for your home decor art. Neutral tone yet a very strong artwork which will create a soft  bold statement at the same time.  large fluid abstract artwork ideas
learn to paint with acrylic paints AVALANCHE ABSTRACT ARTWORK
I have created this abstract artwork using artist acrylics and letting the paints do the work for you. If you would like to learn how the paint abstract artworks like this Avalanche style, I teach you how to paint this artwork on series 3 of my DVD series                                                        
This large abstract artwork was created for a Sydney client who wanted an abstract artwork that would pop off the wall and at the same time enhance the rest of their home decor. I will be showing you how to paint abstract artworks using this art technique in my next Art DVD series                                  
acrylic paint bamboo style art technique
musical themed abstract art COLOUR OF MUSIC ABSTRACT ARTWORK
 I was commissioned to create this large abstract artwork for a Music Studio in Sydney Australia. The canvas size is 250cm x 150cm and the musical notes and the name are all built up with a texture medium to enhance the artwork. You can visit my You Tube channel to watch the video of me creating this artwork.
Bedazzled abstract artwork can be created in any size or colour. This 
abstract artwork is 200cm x 100cm  and would look great on any wall.
If you would like to learn to paint abstract artworks like this, 
we welcome your feedback and requests for our next
Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series.                                                                        
large palette knife artwork ideas
Untited Large Abstract ArtworkUntitled Large Abstract ArtworkUntitled Abstract Artwork                            
                                                                                            Check out this large abstract artwork that I created and 
installed for a client the other day. This artwork is
 250cm x 190cm and it shows how a extra large abstract 
art can complement the interior design of 
any home. 
I find that 
many people are afraid to try extra large 
abstract artworks, but as you can see this artwork is the 
feature of the home and is used 
instead of a painted
 feature wall.
                                                                                                                          This is one of my latest abstract art styles, here I use a heavy texture 
medium to create this bold home decor artwork. I will be teaching this
art technique in one 
of my future DVD series. This abstract artwork 
looks fantastic at the top of the 
staircase and creates a warm welcome
to a previously bland area of the home. 
This art technique may look 
like it would take a long time to learn, but once you 
are shown how it
is created in a 
step by step format, you will be amazed at how 
achievable it can be.                                                                   
Abstract Artwork with Flowers for Interior Design Abstract Artwork with Flowers for Interior Design  Abstract Artwork with Flowers for Interior Design
Large Abstract Artwork with Lion & Zebra Large Abstract Artwork with Lion & Zebra fot Interior Design Here I have an example of my Zebra series being used in interior design installations, some people are afraid to use such bold and sometimes confronting artwork like the Lion attacking the Zebra. My inspiration for the Lion & Zebra came directly from my own experiences in Africa, nature is amazing and can be both beautiful and ugly at the same time. As you can see in the images, this art style can be very powerful and completely change the home decor. I am a great fan of eclectic home decor art and love walking into a room that has character wherever you look.                                                  
This is an example of some of the corporate, large abstract artworks that I am asked to create. This is a commissioned piece for one of Australia's leading TV Channels, the Nine Network and the GO! channel is one of the Nine Networks new channels. This abstract artwork is the same size as the GO! artwork below. The Logo is created using the same technique as the GO! logo. The background is a free flowing artwork using blending techniques to create the amazing liquid look. You can see more photos of the different stages of this large abstract artwork if you go to my Behind the Scenes page. Large Abstract Artwork with NINE Logo
Large Abstract Artwork with GO! Artwork Hi, This large abstract  artwork is a commissioned piece for a new Australian TV channel called GO!. This channel has a target audience of young viewers. I created this abstract artwork from the ground up, because of the size I had to create the canvas myself. Then the fun started creating the GO! logo. The logo is built up with a texture medium that I make myself. Once the logo was in place then the colour process starts. If you go to my Behind the Scenes page you will find more explanation and photos of the creation of this piece.                         
                                                                              This is an artwork painted in the style I call my Galaxy Series. My client lives at Bondi Beach in Sydney and they wanted to capture the colours of the ocean and beach with a splash of red. The Galaxy series is ideal for bringing your home decor together. You can use what ever colour combination suits your home decor. Interior designers love the fluid feel that is created using this abstract art technique. This is the same art technique used in the NINE logo above. I will be including the Galaxy series technique in one of my future instructional art DVD's. Large Abstract Wall Artwork Galaxy Coral Reef
Large Abstract Wall Artwork Blizzard for Interior Design                                                                                   Hi, I have just finished painting this large abstract wall artwork for one of my Interior Designers. If you would like to see the stages involved in creating abstract wall art, like the image of blizzard shown here, just go to Behind the Scenes page. There you can see me in my studio creating this artwork. This art style I call Blizzard, this is the same style that I teach on my DVD Series 1. This large home decorating artwork is so versitile and can be created in any size or colour you like. Interior Designers love this artwork. Glenn
I thought you might like to see the stages involved to paint this tiger. I love to paint wild animals, but sometimes finding the time between creating abstract art for my Interior Designers, private customers and the ongoing development of future DVD series, I am not able to paint as many as I would like. If you go to my Behind the Scenes page you can find images showing the different stages of how I created this tiger. These wildlife artworks are my abstract interpretations, they are great impact pieces when you are looking for that extra punch in your home decorating.                            Interior Design Abstract Artwork of a Tiger
Step by Step Interior Design Art DVD Filming Day The day we filmed Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series was an exciting day for all. We set up some of my abstract artworks in this amazing film studio, my dream started to come to life. For years I have wanted to share the art techniques I developed, this was my chance to do just that. I share more photos of the filming day on Behind the Scenes page. Onion Media where the production company that I used, their director and staff did an amazing job in bringing to life the step by step process of creating abstract art. How to paint abstract art does not have to be difficult, this is why it was so important to me that this instructional art dvd had to be of a high quality. The end result of the two days of filming was a DVD series, teaching modern contemporary art to artists of all levels.   Glenn                                              
This artwork was commissioned by one of my interior designers for an installation in a large architect designed home , overlooking Sydney Harbour. By creating  large wall art it will always become more impresive the larger it becomes if you can learn to paint abstract art in a large format. This example of large home decor art is created in the exact same way as I demonstrate in my Step by Step Interior Design Art DVD Series 1. So please do not be afraid to tackle a large artwork. Remember , if it does not come out the way you like, then just paint over it and start again. Large Abstract Wall Artwork of Hanging by a Thread
Large Abstract Wall Artwork of Lion & Zebra for Interior Design Lion and Zebra is an artwork I enjoyed painting. I was inspired to paint this after a trip to Africa. The artwork is 200cm x 100cm                                                                   

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