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Abstract Artworks Installations

All of the artworks below have been created for clients
by Abstract Artist Glenn Farquhar 

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We hope you are inspired and find some great Interior Design Art Ideas and art
techniques that you can use in your own home decor.

Video of Interior Design Art Installations created by Abstract Artist Glenn Farquhar.
The artworks shown in this video can be created in any size or colour combination.

Art Fusion Studio

Home Installation

Home Installation

Example of custom designed artwork from the art studio to the home installation
This large blue fluid abstract artwork is 280cm x 180cm

interior design art installations ideas

large interior design art ideas  interior design art ideas  Interior desgn abstract artwork ideas and installations
Interior design art installation where the client has not been afraid to use
large brightly coloured abstract artworks to lift their home decor showing
how just a few large abstract artworks can enhance their home.

interior design artworks ideas000000interior design art installations and art ideas
Interior Design Artworks and ideas come in many forms. These large abstract artworks show how multi colour abstract artworks can lift the interior design to another level, bringing life to the home decor. Colour Face abstract artwork is 200cm x 100cm and Carnivale abstract artwork is 150cm x 120cm

Corporate Art Installation
This extra-large Carnivale abstract artwork is made in 4 sections with each canvas measuring 210cm x 120cm for a total length of 8.4 mtrs 

Extra-Large Fluid Abstract Artwork Installation created by Artist Glenn Farquhar This Extra-Large 300cm x 180cm was created for my client to suit their decor using earthy rich tones to enhance the space.

The art technique that I have used is from my
Galaxy Art Lesson 

 This Hidden City artwork was commissioned by my client to fit the space   between the windows to a size of 170cm x 140cm                                                                                                                     

      Galaxy Style artwork created for a client to tone in with the rest of                their interior design decor size 150cm x 120cm                                                                                                                    

Large custom made interior design artworks for sale  Extra Large abstract artwork commissions for interior design artworks  Carnivale Abstract artwork
150cm x 150cm commissioned for client.

Extra-Large Carnivale Abstract Artwork commissioned by client to suit there Interior Design in the Foyer of their home.  Size 280cm x 180cm.
Carnivale art lesson coming soon.
Extra-large abstract artwork interior design art installation

Tribal Unity abstract art lesson acrylic painting
Tribal Unity Abstract Artworks 2 x 180cm x 60cm created for client to suit their interior design.
Create this art style using Tribal Unity Art Lesson.

Galaxy Abstract Artwork commissioned by client to suit their home decor Size 150cm x 80cm  Create this art style using
Galaxy Art Lesson
interior design art ideas abstract art for home decor buy art

interior design art ideas abstract art installation and art home decor ideas Large Tribal Unity Abstract Artwork commissioned for a client to compliment their interior design Size 250cm x 90cm 
Create this art style using Tribal Unity Art Lesson

This Extra-large Carnivale Abstract Artwork commissioned to compliment the Interior design for a restaurant in Sydney CBD
Size 480cm x 190cm or 15ft 9in x 6ft 3in
Carnivale Art Lesson coming soon.
extra large interior design artwork installation art ideas

Large abstract flowers interior design artwork
Large Abstract Flowers Interior Design Installation
Canvas size 200cm x 120cm
Create this art style using Flowers Art Lesson 


Extra-Large Carnivale Abstract Artwork
Commissioned by my client 240cm x 150cm Interior Design Art Installation
Carnivale Art Lesson coming soon             
Extra-Large abstract artwork interior design art installation home deco art ideas

Beige interior design abstract artwork home decor installation interior design art ideas Large Abstract Art 180cm x 90cm Home decor art ideas for interior design
Create this art style using Galaxy Art Lesson

Large Hidden City art style from Series 2 DVD Abstract Art Lesson 200cm x 120cm interior design abstract artwork installation give you a combination of colour while complimenting the existing home decor with neutral tones
Create this art style using Hidden City Art Lesson 

large interior design artwork ideas

Large textured interior design abstract artwork for interior design ideas Large Horizon Textured Abstract Artwork 120cm x 160cm from Series 6 DVD art lesson.
Create this Art Style Using Horizon Art Lesson. 
Extra-large Abstract Lady Face artwork 200cm x 120cm                                                         Large abstract lady face abstract artwork

santa fe interior design artwork ideas                   santa fe art interior design installation
Santa Fe artwork installation created for an Interior Designer to be fitted 
in this bookcase. Artwork 150cm x 120cm

santa fe interior design artwork ideas             interior design santa fe art ideas
Santa Fe Horns artwork created for the same interior designer and 
installed in the same home. Artwork 180cm x 90cm
Untitled Interior Design Abstract Artwork                  Untitled Interior Design Artwork
Untitled Artwork This is a large abstract artwork that I created for a client made to their size and requirements 250cm x 190cm. This shows how a large abstract artwork of this size can complement the home decor and complete the interior design of the room.  You should not be afraid to create large abstract artworks because bigger is usually better.
Learn to paint this art style in DVD Series 6

Bondi Beach Abstract Artwork                  Bondi Beach Interior Design Art
 Galaxy Bondi Beach Abstract Artwork. When using this art painting technique, creating abstract art becomes a easy art lesson. In my next instructional abstract art DVD series I will be teaching people to learn to paint using vivid colours blended together. Learn to paint this art style in Art DVD Series 3

Flowers Interior Design Abstract Artwork                           Interior Design Abstract Artwork of Flowers
FLOWERS abstract artwork created to suit the interior design home decor.
You can learn how to paint using the abstract art technique on 
Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series 4 

 Blizzard Abstract painting technique                                    Blizzard Interior Design Artwork
BLIZZARD Blue 3 piece abstract artwork installation shows that small sized canvases can create a great home decor effect.

Hidden City Interior Design Artwork                          Abstract Artwork Hidden City Interior Design
HIDDEN CITY abstract art technique using earthy tones create a great interior design artwork. This abstract artwork is 200cm x 100cm

Grasses Interior Design Abstract Artwork
Grasses Abstract Artwork Home decorating art comes  in many forms. You can create abstract art to suit your home decor as in this example of Grasses. Here the interior designer has utilized this abstract artwork to enhance his client's entry foyer. Grasses is one of those abstract art styles that can create a soft welcoming feel to a room. This home abstract artwork can be created to suit your home decor. By using the olive green, the interior designer has cleverly coordinated the foyer with the living room. Learn to paint this artwork on DVD Series 2



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