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Feedback Page 2

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Abstract art lessons   Abstract art online art lessons
Learn abstract art lessons online Online art lessons 
Hello I wish to express to "ArtFusion" my gratitude
for the interesting and instructive path that leads
forward, for me it is very educational and inspiring
especially the review the tutorial in Download, finally,
a thank Glenn for the sympathy and communication.
I enclose some of my creations. 

Fabio da Monza Italy

Hello, Glenn!
It's Kaplan Svetlana, from Israel.
I have almost all your lessons and
I have already done some of the
pictures, following your very clear lessons.

From Israel  
Learn to paint abstract art Abstract art lessons online

  Hi Glenn 
Here is a picture of a recently completed 'flowers'! 
Love your step by step videos, it allows me to pause,
rewind and re watch until I get it right!
Jen Pescod,  Ontario,  Canada        
 (Flowers Art Lesson) 


Hello Glenn, 
Thanks for the superb video tutorial, please find attached my complete artwork.
It's 60x50cm in size, and took a little over 5 days to complete. I started with a dark blue and light blue light background, before moving onto oranges, reds and purples, making sure each layer / colour was dry overnight.
James Gorvett   Manchester  United Kingdom        
(Geometric Art Lesson)

I call this one Keneska. I chose the colors from seeing on the news a fire at
a chemical plant that burned green and yellow. Its' on a 24" 30" canvas. I took
your advise and coated with polyurethane which makes it very shiny. 

Greg Ramey USA              (Galaxy Art Lesson)                                                                                                                      

Hi Glenn 
Here are some of  the paintings I have done using your
excellent techniques.
The zebras were done first (4x3 feet) and I thought this would
work well for the painting of Molly, my Dalmatian who sadly
has passed away but I have a wonderful 4x3 feet memorial
of her on my wall.
I loved doing the grasses and chose colours to match my
bedroom where it is proudly displayed (4x3 feet).
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it so easy
to achieve professional paintings.
Kindest regards and happy painting from
Vivien Nelson, Ontario, Canada.  
(Zebra & Grasses Art Lessons)

  Hi Glenn, 
Here is my first attempt at Carnivale.
It's the largest single canvas that I have painted.
Your how to video was a huge help, and helped me to
produce this artwork.  I will be painting more in this style. 
Thanks Graham Australia         
(Carnivale Art Lesson)

This one I titled ‘Little Bird’, as a little yellow bird just happened to appear in the painting which was a nice surprise – see if you can find it! This is my favourite technique as you just never know what you are going to get – it’s always a surprise. Size 800mm x 400mm
Thanks for your time, more on the way.
Lisa Heaton   Australia                                           
(Galaxy Art Lesson)


The art lessons are designed to
encourage someone to be creative
with their art work.

Charles Williams 
New Orleans Louisiana  USA

(Confetti, Grasses, Tall Timbers &
Hanging by a Thread Art Lessons)

I started painting in 2013 , it was sort of a gift
from God to help me through difficult times I
went through at the time .
I was never a painter nor was I good at drawing
so I concentrated on color harmony technique.
Watching your DVD series made me realize
how simple and fun your techniques are,
thanks a lot Glenn … My next projects will be 
Carnivale and Confetti …
Happy Painting Glenn !!   Salah from Cairo Egypt

(Dandelion, Grasses, Hanging by a Thread &
Patchwork Art Lessons)

I have created my Butterflies using the same techniques
you have taught us for the flowers.
BUT:  it is also by coincidence that I have made them
'butterflies' because they were planned to be flowers too!!
and I was very surprised when a missed flower looked as
if it would fly?!!... 
I have had much, much pleasure creating them and was
looking forward to send them all to you, somehow... and
letting you know I was very very happy and grateful to you
and I wish you, Mr. Farquhar,
a great continuation with your work!!! 
Thanks again,  Elaine Landry Quebec Canada

(Flowers Art Lesson)

For years! I had been trying to paint FLOWERS!! without any satisfaction
(and success)... Your teaching of the flowers has given me great, immense
joy as I tried, with your technique to paint my HUGE!, beautiful flowers... I have
watched this DVD of your flowers so manytimes, I almost know it by heart!
I am very happy and proud to send it to you and thank you so very much again.
Elaine Landry Quebec Canada        
 (Flowers Art Lesson)

Hello Glenn,
just want to share my abstract artwork (5 pictures)
that was inspired by your wonderful videos. I found
them by a fortunate coincidence and have been
loving immediately what I saw. I love painting big
pictures and your techniques hit the spot for me.
Take care and many thanks for sharing your inspiration.
Daniela (Germany)

(Blizzard, Tribal Unity, Dandelion & Patchwork Art Lessons)

Hi Glenn and all,
Please see the attached. It is a Tall Timbers piece. I have used the Atelier interactive acrylic paints this time and it made the whole process much simplier and easier, especially when it comes to blending. I decided to have
3 small canvases instead of one large canvas. The dimensions of each are
28" X 16"  making for an overall display of 48" X 28".
I think having a 3 picture canvas adds to the overall effect.
Thanking you again,
Philip Browne, Mallow, Ireland.    
(Tall Timbers Art Lesson)

Hi Glen, 
I live in British Columbia, Canada. 
Tried the "Dandelion"artwork on 3/4" ply and it worked a treat , 3 separate pieces all with their own individuality. Really pleased with the final result thanks again Glen for the lesson.

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