Downloads Trouble Shooting


Downloads Trouble Shooting

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Our download art lessons are compatable with.
Multi-Platform (Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Android, Facebook, SmartTV)
FlickRocket supports Windows (XP and newer), MacOSX (10.5 and newer), iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Facebook and SmartTVs. DVDs can even be burned to DVD-R.

Q: I can’t find my Downloads
A: If you can’t find your downloads, please follow these instructions
If you go to the website  and click on “BUY DOWNLOADS”. Then click on any of the art lesson icons, this will take you to the download centre where you bought your downloads. Look in the top right corner of the page and you will see a blue “My Content” click here and you will be asked to login. Once you login you will see the downloads that you have purchased.

Q: I Have no sound on my Ipad
A: If you have no sound on your IPad while playing a movie with the FluxPlayer. The reason is simple, you have set your IPad into the mute mode. This mute function does not disable all sounds, Apple apps like the music player still have sound, but third party app like our player is muted. Check the apple support page to understand how the mute function works and this link explains how to disable the mute on your IPad.

Q: How to Burn to a DVD
A: To get a burn license use the link from the purchase conformation email to login into your account and press burn. To burn the movies you need a recordable DVD, burning on a CD is not possible

Q: Can I access the content also on other devices?
A: This depends on your license. If it includes multiple licenses for multiple devices, you can use the content access link from the sales confirmation email to access your content on the other device(s).

Q: My virus scanner/internet security software shows a warning. What now?
A: Some virus scanners/internet security solutions are unable to scan FluxPlayer due to the embedded security system and show a warning message. You can simply disable your anti-virus/security solution during the installation of FluxPlayer and enable it again after the process is complete and you have access to your content.

Q: I installed FluxPlayer but it doesn’t let me continue. What now?
A: Please try to restart your browser (known with Firefox) or computer and try again. If this does not help, some software, most likely an anti-virus or internet security software blocks FluxPlayer. Please disable this software and try again.

Q: Where do I find the content? I would like to use it with some other software?
A: If your content is DRM protected, which is the case for most purchased and all rented content, it needs to be watched with FluxPlayer and cannot be used with other software.

Q: The content has (accidentally) been removed. Can I re-download?
A: This depends on the license you purchased. If your license allows this, you can login using the content access link from your sales confirmation email and re-download the content.

Q: I get the message “No valid license for this action could be found” when I try to burn from FluxPlayer although I purchased a burn license.
A: This means that there is no valid burn license on your system. This can happen either because all licenses have been used or because no license has been stored on the system. In the latter case you can use the content access link from your purchase confirmation email to log in to the web site and press the “Burn” button to store the license and start to burn.

Q: When I play a film or burn a DVD-R from the film, all I get is coloured blocks instead of the actual film.
A: There is a problem with your graphics card driver. Disable the “Hardware Acceleration” in the FluxPlayer’s options

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