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Worldwide Abstract Art Competition




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I would like to thank all of the artists from around the world who created such amazing abstract artworks. It has been incredible to see the wide variety of artworks inspired by my Flowers art lesson. Judging the artworks has been more difficult than we had anticipated.
We have received artworks that were based entirely on the flowers lesson and we also received a large number of artworks, where artists have taken the basic techniques and used their creativity to achieve wonderful artworks.  I would like to congratulate the winners of this art competition and I would like all of the artists who entered this art competition to get ready for our next art competition which we will announce soon.

Regards Glenn Farquhar

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Dear Glenn, I am still in shock...in a pozitive way..I just can not believe...thank you very,very much...thank you for beileve in me..I learn from you and now you give me the opportunity to learn more and I am grateful for that...I can not wait to get the 10 DVD set...next week is my birthday and that will be the most precious gift ever!!!!
Anyway... trip to Avstralia is my dream but unfortunately only a dream... maybe one day when I win the lottery ticket or something like that . The 10 DVD set is more than enough!!! THANK YOU ;)
To thank you more I will tell you my secret how I paint my canvas...first I paint my canvas with dark brown and then I wait to dry completely... then I put on some gold and when is color still wet I put on some drops of 91% alcohol and then magic happens ;)
How  I made the flowers...you already know
 I'm sorry for my english...I'm Danijela from Slovenija the small country in Europe
As you say...happy painting!


Maria Romero Ecuador South America
Dear Glenn, I am so happy!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much. 
You can be sure I will continue painting. I so happy with my prize.
Also , never knows, some day I travel to Australia and visit you.

Rebecca Pamplin United Kingdom

Dear Glen, I am so thrilled to have been selected as the 3rd prize winner in the international Division, there were some beautiful pieces of art work in the competition. I am delighted that my flower piece won me this place, it was poignant for me that this was the first piece I created that set me on my journey. I can not wait to receive and watch your DVD set of lessons, and learn some new technics. I experiment with mediums all the time but your lessons are invaluable for someone like me who has no background in art other than what I learnt at school. 
The work you produce is just stunning and shows so much passion for what you do



Susan Bradley Victoria Australia

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thud!!     That is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!  I am absolutely over the moon I cannot tell you!!  This is the best news ever and the ONLY prize I've ever won!!!  Thank you so much!!! Thank you so much!!  Well I did want to do something a bit different if I could and I really wanted to win....
I bought two large canvases, convinced my husband to move out of his office so I could use the spare room as a studio of sorts, did the gyps-rocking, two days later I went in there only to find that ALL the flowers I had done had millions of cracks all the way through to the canvas.  I was devastated and cried for a day.  I couldn't figure out what the hell went wrong but decided not to give up.
I went out and bought 'structure' stuff but that just melted through the cracks and you could still see them.  I then went out and bought 'impasto' and that seemed to make them look even worse.  Then I thought my last option was to use the air dry clay I use for the leaves, insects and embellishments etc and that did work to a degree after a bit of a sand down but it was agonizingly slow.
Anyway, I've attached what I did and only just finished them this week, one is still drying in fact, so they weren't ready in time to send you as my extra entries but as it turns out, I didn't need to go through all that as I won anyway!!!!  Woohooooo!!!!!!
I am so THRILLED to meet you and have two art lessons, I have never had a personal art lesson in my entire life.  And all your DVD's too, what a privilege, I am so very excited!!!


I can’t believe it. My goodness, thank you so much. I am so happy I will get to learn more of Glenn’s techniques. I’m so excited!!!

I only did this one because a friend of my Mum wanted me to do her a white flower painting. After looking through photos of different flowers and some flowers in the garden, I tried to replicate a beautiful flower I saw which had multiple petals and a yellow centre. When I finished the painting another friend of my Mum wanted one the same, so I ended up doing two and selling them both.

It’s a shame I haven’t got the painting to put the prize certificate beside, but I’m still over the moon. Thank you so much for this opportunity, your lessons have pulled me out of the doldrums and given me new direction in life and I’m loving it. I’m now on to my husband telling him he needs to build me a studio – as we only live in a shed at the moment, my studio is when I back my car out!

Thanks again Glenn and team, what a wonderful journey.


Oh Wow!  Thank you Glenn and team, I am so thrilled. Thank you for the lovely comments on my artwork!

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