"The DVD was exactly what I expected after watching the preview  on your website" The instructions were very easy to follow, and it has been very helpful in creating some of my artworks. I like how you explain the different concistencies of the paint and how you showed the list of art materials used at the end of each lesson. I had fun experimenting with your art techniques and I am very happy with the end results.




YouTube Art Lesson Clips

YouTube Art Lessons Video Clips

Below is a selection of YouTube clips demonstrating abstract art lessons using acrylic paints. Short previews of our abstract art lessons which are available on DVD or Instant Downloads. Click here for Downloads. Click here for DVD Series    



Glenn Farquhar creating a extra large abstract artwork

Glenn Farquhar Creating a large fluid abstract artwork

Examples of fluid abstract artworks by Glenn Farquhar

Interior Design Abstract Artwork Installations by Glenn Farquhar

Glenn Farquhar creating fluid abstract Galaxy artwork 

Abstract flowers competition entries



    Abstract Art Classes with Glenn & Kim

Above you will see Glenn creating a large abstract artwork using a texture medium and artist acrylic paints. Kim is creating a large abstract artwork using artist acrylics where Kim layers the paint to create the texture.


         Glenn Creating Large Abstract Artworks

In the videos above you can join Glenn on a fun ride as he creates large abstract artworks. In each artwork Glenn uses different art painting techniques which may help you when looking for new art ideas.


                  Art Lesson Previews 

              Hanging by a Thread & Grasses

Hanging by a Thread art lesson in on Series1 DVD. This is a simlpe art technique where you need the right thickness paint which is explained in detail with the art lesson. Grasses is on Series 2 DVD. Glenn teaches you the technique, then you can create your own amazing artwork to suit your home decor. Download an art lesson now.


                  Art Lesson Previews 

                           Blizzard & Sunset

Blizzard and Sunset are available on Series1DVD. In the Blizzard art lesson you will learn a great art technique, you will use both artist acrylic paints and your left over acrylic house paints. This is a great way of coordinating your artwork with the rest of your interior design paint colours. Sunset art lesson will teach you the secrets to blending your artist acrylic paints. Using this painting technique you can create a huge variety of artworks, not just sunsets.


                  Art Lesson Previews 

                      Hidden City & Red Poles

Hidden City and Red Poles are available on Series 2 DVD. Hidden City art lesson is a very fluid artwork. Glenn teaches you how to create amazing artworks by allowing the paint to work for you. Red Poles can have a raw rustic feel when painted in earthy colours or bright and vibrant, depending on your colour choice. All art lessons can be instantly downloaded if you like.  


     Sydney Interior Design Art Studio Tours

The Videos above take you on a tour of our Sydney Interior Design Art Studio. Our art studio and gallery is where it all happens. We create the art, we teach the art, we have parties with the art. Please come along and visit us at Perersham , Sydney. 


                  Art Classes & Lessons

The first video above is mix of art lesson previews. The second video, Glenn takes you on a full throttle ride as you watch this large abstract artwork come to life. 




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