Abstract Art Tips,Techniques & Ideas

Abstract Art Tips, Techniques & Ideas


Creating abstract art involves different art painting techniques, artist materials and tools.
If you want to learn how to paint abstract art or need ideas for abstract art, some of the
painting tips below may help.


Learn how to make your own stretch canvas in this free video lesson.
Sit back and watch Glenn make a large canvas from start to finish

How to seal your canvas with Binder Medium

More uses for Binder Medium
What Adhesive to use for Collage

How to clean dry paint from your paint brushes

How to blend Artist Acrylic Paints

Artist Acrylics used for Creating Abstract Art 

"What type of Artist Acrylic do I use?"

To create modern abstract art or home decor art, like shown in this instructional art DVD, you will need to use some artist acrylics. The main difference between artist acrylics and other acrylic paint is the consistency of the paint, artist acrylics are much thicker and this allows you to create texture and build layers using the paint it's self.. Artist acrylic come in a large range of brands and price. When creating abstract art like in this DVD you do not need to buy expensive artist acrylic, you can see the types of artist acrylics I use in creating abstract art and when you apply a coat of acrylic sealer they look amazing.

Acrylic Sealer used for Creating Abstract Artworks and sealing
 How do" I seal my artwork to get that professional finish?"

After your artwork is thoroughly dry, always use an acrylic sealer to finish your artwork professionally. If when your artwork is dry the colours look dull and flat, the sealer will bring the colours to life and help protect your workAcrylic sealer comes in a few different finishes, Flat, Satin and Gloss and also in a liquid or a spray. I mainly use the liquid. You can see an example of the sealer I use in the image. You can use any brand you like as long as it is acrylic, you do not have to use the expensive brand, you will find that the cheaper ones do the same job.  
Important: If using "purples" be aware that this pigment often bleeds, so before applying your coat of acrylic sealer, seal any purple sections with acrylic sealer and allow to dry first, then coat the whole painting with acrylic sealer, this will prevent the purple being spread across your whole artwork. You will notice that your sealer will be a white milky colour, do not be alarmed, it will dry crystal clear when it dries.

Brushes & Spreaders used for creating abstract artworks

"Is it going to be expensive to buy brushes and spreaders?"

When you learn to paint the abstract art in my instructional art DVD series, there is no need to buy expensive paint brushes. The old house paint brushes you have lying around the house will do the job perfectly well. If you do need to buy new brushes, you only need the cheap ones, there is no fine detail in the abstract art you will learn, you won't be painting the Mona Lisa! Click on the image and you can see the types of brushes that I use everyday. When it comes to using spreaders the same rule applies, as long as it is made if a strong material you can use anything you like. Remember, when you are using your brushes never let them dry out, keep a bucket of water handy to place them in when you are not using them. 

How to make Stretched Canvases for artworks  

"What is a Streched Canvas & can I paint on something else?"

A streched canvas is when you have a timber frame and strech artist quality canvas over the timber frame . This is streched with tension and the secured with staples. When your abstract artwork is complete, you can hang it straight onto the wall. You do not have to use a streched canvas to create home decor art. You may have just completed a home renovation job on your home . You can create your artwork on any board you have leftover, even a piece of gyprock (dry wall board) will be OK. If you use gyprock, you will have to frame it to protect the edges.


Using a Tressel Table to paint absract art on      


"What can I use to paint my artwork on?"

Some students feel they have know where to paint artwork. When I first started painting my abstract artwork I only had the balcony of my apartment to work on. I went and bought a fold up tressel table to learn to paint artwork on. When I had finished painting I could fold it up and keep it under my bed. Today I still use the same type of tressel tables to paint all of my artwork on. The only difference is I have a lot more tables that I use constantly. A small space should not stop you enjoying art.

Canvas stretching tools use to make artwork canvases 

"What tools do I need to strech canvases?"

  If you want to strech your own canvases, you will need some basic tools, a staple gun, strecher pliers, sissors, tape measure and a pencil. With these basic tools you will be able to start streching your own canvases. You can buy you pre cut strecher bars from most art supply stores.

Tools needed for making stretch canvases for artworks


"What tools do I need to make a frame for my canvas?"

  Some artists make their own timber frames for their artwork canvases. I make a lot of my own canvas frames when I have a large wall artwork to paint. When you make your own frame, it's important to buy well seasoned and straight timber, or your frame will start to twist and buckle with age. I think  you should have some handyman skills before starting to make your artworks canvases. The basic tools that I use to make my frames are, drop saw, cordless drill/srewdriver, hammer, tape measure and pencil. You also require a good flat surface to work on.

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