Learn to Paint Abstract Art Classes & Art Lessons

Learn to Paint Abstract Art Classes & Art Lessons

Interior Design Abstract Artworks

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery specialize in creating Interior Design Abstract Artworks in any
style or size to suit our clients home decor. Art Fusion also creates artworks for corporate
applications including company logos.

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery conduct individual abstract art classes with abstract artist
Glenn Farquhar where Glenn will take you through step by step to teach you how to
create amazing abstract artworks. You can choose the art technique you would like to
learn and Glenn will teach you the secrets of how he paints these wonderful abstract artworks. 

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery always has a large selection of abstract artworks in stock for
you to select from. If you like one of our artworks but it is the wrong size or colour
combination to suit your home decor, we will create one to suit.

Why don't you come and check us out.

don' you come and check us out.

Art fusion studio / gallery Sydney Australia

Art Fusion Interior design art studio Sydney

Art Fusion Artist studio Sydney

My aim is to teach people how to paint abstract art and show how much fun, and how easy art lessons can be. Once you know what to paint, abstract art painting is quite easy to learn how to paint.

Art Fusion Interior Design Art Studio Sydney

Glenn Farquhar

Interior Design Abstract Artist Glenn FarquharI started my career as a plumber in the building trade, so being a professional Artist was the furthest thing from my mind back then.

I asked a variety of Interior Designers what their clients wanted most from an artist and the answer was…flexibility, flexibility, so this is what I offered them. My relationship with the Interior Designers grew rapidly and their fit outs and installations became my main focus. 

Interior Design Abstract Artist's Art SuppliesCreating and learning how to paint original artwork gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction and I wanted to share that feeling with other aspiring artists who share a love of contemporary abstract artwork but lack the confidence to attempt their own abstract art.  I found the average person was looking for original interior design abstract art for their home, not mass produced prints or expensive investment art from galleries. I felt I could provide a fun and creative alternative for people on a budget, without compromising the originality or quality of the artwork.

I enjoy the creativity of painting art with new styles and started developing the Step By Step Abstract Art DVD format 
for a range of my artwork to help people to learn to paint and enjoy contemporary/abstract art. 

My aim is to show people how much fun, and how easy it is, to learn to paint abstract art by simply following my easy Step By Step Abstract Art DVD…this was my motivation for developing Art Fusion Productions!

Abstract Artist / Director

Kim Farquhar

My career is based in Administration Management with a strong knowledge of small business, although, I too am an artist. 
Abstract Artist Kim Farquhar Creating Abstract Artwork

My "Suburbia", "India" and "Midas Touch" art series have proved to be very popular for people who enjoy a wonderful palette of brilliant colours highlighted with metallics, loads of texture and embellishment.  These pieces of artwork are happily living on walls all around the globe.  They definitely brighten your day!

Glenn and I opened our first art gallery in Pyrmont, Sydney and later moved to Paddington. Glenn’s artwork was innovative and affordable, unlike the work offered in most galleries. I managed Art Fusion Studio & Gallery until we decided to travel the world for 12 months seeking inspiration in India, Asia, East Africa, North Africa, Europe and North America.
We’ve built up a loyal client base over the years and our name is respected for providing quality, original and affordable artwork along with wonderful service. We are realistic artists, our motto is “We Sell Art, Not Egos”.

Abstract Artist Kim Farquhar creating Abstract ArtworkGlenn and I are down to earth people who think original abstract artwork should be affordable for everyone.  Our abstract art is unashamedly created for the Interior Design market and features the flexibility that Interior Designers, home owners and renovators are looking for…this DIY Step By Step Abstract Art DVD series is the most comprehensive, easy to follow, instructional Art DVD on the market.  You can't fail to create something wonderful to place on your living room wall.  Either order your Art DVD with us online or check out our stockist list for details.

If you would like to learn how to create large abstract artworks in my abstract art classes you can visit my Sydney art studio and learn what to paint and how to paint it.  In our art lessons I will teach you how to paint large abstract artworks in my easy art lesson.  You can also learn how to paint abstract art via our step by step abstract art DVDs and online download art lessons. Learn new art techniques and art ideas in our easy to follow art lessons, also create your own large abstract artwork in our Sydney art studio. You will learn what art materials to use to create exciting abstract artworks. I will try and help you overcome any fear you might have when you are looking at a large blank canvas and then have to start to create your own large abstract artwork. 

Art Fusion Interior Design Art Studio Moto  

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