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Welcome to Art Fusion Productions and our Step by Step Abstract Art Lessons DVD Series. 
Where beginners to experienced 
artists learn what to paint and how to paint abstract art in the comfort of your own home, with the step by step art classes by artist Glenn Farquhar.
This Abstract Art Lesson 
DVD Series will teach you the secrets of creating amazing abstract art. Including decorating ideas, art supplies, art ideas and art materials. 

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Learn to paint step by step abstract art online art lessons, video tutorials instructional


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22 Online Abstract Art Lessons

Stepby Step Abstract Art Lessons
 Abstract Art Lessons 
Includes step by step art lesson instruction & complete art materials
list so you can create your own amazing abstract artworks.
Interior Design Art Ideas, Installations art concepts


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Janet Bray (Manchester United Kingdom)
Hi Glenn and thank you for your advice, I do show my work in a gallery but there is so much snobbery,
I don't want to be the next Picasso I want to have freedom of art, you seem to have overcome the snobbery
and I like that about you, it's your art so you will do it your way. 
When I first came across your art this
year I was on youtube looking for my phone details and you were chatting away in a shop with some
woman's phone going off all the time and all you did was laugh and be pleasant, I watched that clip over
and over and then went looking for more of your art on the tube, I am blessed with theday I found you,
your lessons are fun and I have used a lot of your tips, even though I have been painting for many years,
I still like to look for new things, I am not so vain to think I have learnt it all, I often play your lessons when
I am just working on a canvas for something entirely different, this is because there is no mystery
surrounding your art, you make it fun and easy, and laughable when a painting looks like a muddy
mess ha ha running paint is like a runway train sometimes, like you say just clean it up and start again.
 I look forward to buying more of your lessons and hope there are many new ones to come.
Thank you Glenn for the fun you have put back into my world of art.
Artist Talk Store Video where Janet found Glenn
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Art Fusion Productions invite artists of all levels from beginner artists to advanced, who would like to learn how
to paint different art techniques. You do not need to know about art to participate in our art classes. Just knowing
what to paint can be confusing for the artist. Our art classes give you art ideas, art supplies and the correct art
materials so you can start painting art with our easy art lessons.
Our how to, art classes help you with decorating ideas as well. Painting art can be very rewarding when you know
what to paint and how to paint, using the art ideas we can offer you. You don’t need to know about art to get started,
when you follow our art classes on art DVD.
Glenn will show you what to paint, how to paint, art ideas, art supplies, art techniques and all art materials needed
to complete each art class in our art DVD series. What is abstract art ? is a common question ask by many people.

By the time you have completed your first art lesson and learnt how to paint your first abstract artwork you will have
a better understanding of what is abstract art. Please check out our website for all of your abstract art answers about
art like, how to paint, what to paint, decorating ideas, art classes, art supplies, art ideas, art lessons, art materials,
art techniques, painting lessons and many more answers to help you learn about art and how to paint abstract art.


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